Hiens’ advice: “The most important point is to just try it “

How did you hear about RideBerlin?
Actually, I hate cycling and I am really not good at it. Every grandma on the street can easily overtake me. I find it super exhausting and by the time I arrived at work I usually needed a break.
But a friend has always raved about fullbody cycling and I like to try out new challenges. I am already mixing many sports from crossfit to boxing to yoga, but never tried fullbody cycling.
Four weeks ago I went to the Introduction Ride and it was really not bad. But then,  two days later ,  I joined a regular ride and thought I was dying. It was clear to me that it was going to be intense, 50 minutes of full power with lots of push-ups and that on a bike. After the ride, I rushed out of the room and saw the Rough Rider wall. I really could not believe at the time that there are people who ride three times a week!

Now you come regularly (2-3 times a week) and feel very good. Why did you ever come back?
My friend and the rideXpert at the IntroRide (Alex) had already told me that it is a cool community, no one judges the other, you are only focused on yourself. So no competition, the ride takes place mostly in the dark, it’s really cool music and the rideXperts fire you up and motivate you when it gets tough.
Although I was reluctant to give up, I had to take a break during my first real ride, but I thought I could have pushed harder. I wanted to make it through at least once – so I just booked the second ride right away.
Now I ride because I can clear my head, I just listen to the music and concentrate completely on my body.

Do you already notice a difference to the first ride?
I switched the dumbbells from one kilo to two and still work every time to ride harder. The initial coordination problems, for example doing push-ups to the beat, are also already getting better. My new goal is now to be in the same rhythm as the rest of the class 🙂

Do you already have favorite rideXperts or is it more based on your availability?
I am trying  all of the rideXperts out, simply because everyone of them has their own focus and style.
The rideXperts are all very different. Alex starts softly, then turns it totally up. Gabi and Mayka motivate with their good mood and Latino beats. Sergej is super straight and pushes hard to get results, but Malins’ rides were definitely the toughest so far.

What would you recommend someone who wants to start at ride.bln?
The intro class was great for me, because I was not at all sure what I was getting into, and how it was going. And I could have stopped in the worst case. But I think the most important thing is that you just try it. Otherwise you do not know how much fun it is! A ride is much more than biking. The ride passes quickly, because the diversity and variation make you forget the time.

Thank you for your time Hien! Have fun at your rides!

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