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Our teams in Mitte, and soon City West, are looking forward to meeting you. Click in, enjoy the all-around service and take the amazing feeling with you for the rest of the day.

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our rideXperts

Full of charisma, exciting and unbelievably positive are just a few of their qualities. This team challenges, fascinates and changes you, all with a radiant smile!

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the ride

We are convinced that effective training must be fun while seamlessly being integrated into your daily routine.  Your Ride will make you dance, sprint, laugh and sweat. It doesn’t only change your body, it changes your attitude.

50 Minutes on the bike: inspiring RideXperts, candlelight and a booming sound system make you forget your daily routine. Our full-body workout whips you in shape, tones your body and the unbelievable energy carries you through the day. ride.feel.good

your first ride

Is the first step towards the great feeling of having mastered a Ride. Intensive training that motivates and changes you. We recommend the introduction Rides if you’re stepping back into working out, and the rookie Ride if you exercise regularly but haven’t taken a Ride yet.

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