„Vibe higher“

Alana is a German-American Born and raised in the US. She moved to her Mom’s home-town (Berlin) in 2015 for Love and opportunity. She is also a very proud dog Mama.

Growing up, she danced almost daily from the ages 3-18. Music always has been and still is therefore a huge part of her life and passion. You won’t catch her standing or sitting still when a good song comes on.
She enjoys listening to everything from techno/electro to hip-hop, country, jazz and funk.

Alana believes in the power of your mindset: „Where your focus goes, energy flows“.

„Don’t adapt to the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room“. As a RideXpert she hopes to remind her Riders of that, all while making the 50min sweat-sesh a party that’s over all too soon!

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