“Be your own inspiration”

Even as a young boy Jeffrey was already dancing around the house to Whitney, Prince and Al Green.Besides riding, his greatest love is Queen Beyoncé. Whom he loves to listen to while running his miles on the treadmill preparing for the next upcoming half marathon. His passion for music definitely makes Jeffrey a Ride- but also a Music-Xpert.

In his Ride you can expect the perfect mixture of current pop music, a taste of hip hop and all time hits, which everyone can turn up to. And who would have thought – Beyoncé can’t be missing in his playlist.

A class with him is more than just a workout, it is a contribution for your body and soul: arriving in the moment, turning off your thoughts, and letting go of everything that is holding you back. And when you think you can’t push through then ask yourself: “What would Beyoncé do? One thing is guaranteed: his spirit and his good mood will accompany you through the day even after the 50 minutes ride.

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