“Let’s get RIDEiculous!”

As a cheesy cinderella story or  like the even more cheesy Tarzan song “against all odds”, Malin decided to start her professional dance practice at the age of 20. With a bit of innocent naiveness, an eagerness for curiosity and a whole lot of dedication, Malin became a Pilates, yoga and group fitness instructor while graduating dance school in NYC. She has been hired within contemporary dance, performance and physical theater while passionately teaching a variety of movement forms. 

With this said, Malin celebrates every unique opportunity and admires the Ride Berlin rockstar people for showing up and sharing their best, each time giving her goosebumps! Her aim during these 50 min class time is for everyone to feel acceptance for who they are, where they are and and how they are growing, while of course partying hard to the beat and pumping the adrenalin high together!

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