“Life is a gift.”

Just like our Rhea. Her name originates from Greek mythology – the mother of Zeus, the mother of the gods! She is a goddess on the bike!

Born and raised in the US, her German-Peruvian roots create a fiery mix that draws out your full potential every time. Her rides have a powerful energy that will ignite your body and soul.

In everyday life, Rhea is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse. On the side, she finds balance through spirituality as a Yogi and through energetic rides as a RideXpert.

Musically, Rhea mixes everything from techno to hip-hop and pop, to oldies and rock – anything that gets you going. The mood and the beats are contagious!

Rhea’s motto is: “For every day we have on this earth, we should be grateful. Life is a gift, so make every day a celebration, live in the moment, and be present, especially during your ride.”

You will feel this spirit with Rhea in every ride. Let her light your fire!

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