Sandra S. had been looking a long time for the right kind of work-out, until she came to RideBerlin… She was hooked since her first ride in August 2016 and catches multiple rides per week ever since. Sandra is now one of our RideAmbassadors: a new program we will tell you more about very soon.

Until then, have a read below about how RideBerlin has impacted Sandra’s life…

You’ve been a rider since August 2016… How did you learn about RideBerlin?

I heard about RideBerlin through work and I thought, I’ll just give it a try. I had been looking for a work-out that checks off all my requirements and I was never able to find it. It was important to me to find something to improve my cardio, lose some weight, become fit and just really get into shape. So, the whole package basically…

Then I had my first ride and I was hooked from the first minute.

What was your first impression?

I felt comfortable from the start. The moment you walk into the studio you are greeted by the super friendly staff, who have become somewhat of extended family to me now. I feel good from the get-go. The studio is very clean, which is incredibly important to me. And the service is, in my opinion, one of a kind. You don’t have to bring anything other than your work-out clothes. The shoes, towels and water are included. As are the luxury of having a great blow-dryer and beautiful showers: they have everything I need.
That was my first impression of the RideBerlin concept and then came my first ride… It was, as it is for everyone I think, quite a special experience. You really do have to push your limits… but it was a lovely experience. So much fun!

And how did you feel after that first ride?

I was sold! After the first round of sore muscles I was back on the bike. In the beginning I caught two rides per week, until the ‘Rough Rider’ Special was introduced. Of course I had to become one! It’s such a win-win and ever since then I ride at least three, sometimes four times per week.

What does RideBerlin mean to you?

RideBerlin doesn’t just mean one thing to me, since every ride is so different. During the week I ride with Johanna – RideBerlin is my way to take a break from a stressful day at the office. In those 50 minutes I get to completely be in my own world and focus on myself. That gives me energy for the rest of the day and I am able to deal with everything that may get thrown at me. It’s a way to relax: just taking a moment to take a break and zone out.

My ride on Fridays marks the start of a great weekend. Mayka is my go-to trainer and her Friday evening ride is always a lot of fun. Sunday’s ride is usually with Vicky at 2 pm – the perfect end to the weekend.

What do you enjoy the most?

The thing that I find most important, and consequently also enjoy the most, are the trainers: they make the whole experience truly special. Whatever your preferences are, you have the option to choose the rides that suit your needs best. The personalities of the trainers are all very different and so are their playlists, which also get updated frequently. That is what makes RideBerlin so special: it’s never the same experience.

How would you describe RideBerlin in three words?

Passion. Motivation. Challenge.

How has RideBerlin influenced your life and/or lifestyle?

It has had a very positive influence! I’ve lost 8 kg, so there’s the optical effect… although that’s not what is most important to me. It shouldn’t always be about losing weight. This is the first time in my life that I am (and feel) really fit. I had never expected it to change in such a short time.

It was tough at the start, but it was so worth it to push through that first ride and embrace a new challenge!

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