The first in Berlin and in Germany are celebrating their first birthday! The premiere full-body cycling studio is the place where exercise meets fun and now is your chance to join the party and claim your gift!

1st year in numbers:
6.500 rides taken
1.500 new riders
5.200.000 burned calories

Johanna, Master RideXpert:
“RideBerlin for me is a place full of positive energy, power and happiness. It’s unreal for me how I can follow a Riders development at RideBerlin from his first cautious Rides to the point when the addiction kicks in. Every time you can see the self-confidence grow and the Riders giving it their 100%.”
Sandra, Rough Rider:
It was important to me to find something to improve my cardio, lose some weight, become fit and just really get into shape. So, the whole package basically…Then I had my first ride and I was hooked from the first minute.”
Ivana, Rider
“RideBerlin for me is straight up party for 50 minutes. Every Ride embodies hard exercise, enthusiasm, team spirit and tons of fun.”
RideBerlin is much more than just an exercise, it is a way of life. Here you will forget all your problems. Meeting all the cool people is just the beginning, this is your chance to transform your lifestyle and try something new. Full-body cycling is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Our RideXperts are skilled individuals who will make you sweat and laugh at the same time.
The time-effective exercise is ideal if you are in hurry, so not having any time is not an excuse this time! Start the ride with us, meet our cool staff & most importantly: FEEL GOOD!
This is an ideal opportunity to join the party – celebrate with us!

So when is the party? Every day!